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Welcome to Algo-genomics

I decided to start this Blog because i wanted to document my 4-year effort on identifying what is behind several syndromes that have no known treatment such as the Post-Finasteride Syndrome (known as PFS) and also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as CFS).

I would also like to draw attention from Researchers that could potentially use/validate the hypotheses that will be discussed in this Blog.

My first effort has focused to  "Post-Finasteride Syndrome", a syndrome with a debilitating set of symptoms that persist for a small percentage of people that have taken the drug Finasteride. The problems that are associated with Post-Finasteride Syndrome  can be found  on the Post-Finasteride Foundation Website :

As Research progressed, i began realizing that there were several syndromes that had very similar/overlapping symptoms. According to the hypothesis being discussed here, these potentially associated Syndromes of unknown origin are the following :

-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-Post-Finasteride Syndrome
-Post-Accutane Syndrome
-Post-Treatment Lyme disease syndrome
-Gulf War Syndrome

For  Research purposes i  am using using several techniques that are currently being used by Data Scientists such as Classification Analysis, Clustering and Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Information Extraction (IE).

If you are a Professional researching any of the Syndromes/Diseases listed above, please re-visit this Blog or contact me if you would like more information.

Please note : 

1. I am not a Medical Professional.

2. The information discussed in this Blog is purely informational and does not constitute any Medical Advice of any Kind. If you are a patient do not take any chances with your Health. Talk to a Certified Health Professional.

3. No information posted on this Blog is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition.

Before continuing with the Posts i would like to Thank all the people that are involved on the following Software Products / Websites for their hard work. Without their tools none of this Research could have taken place (this list will be updated as new tools/websites are being used)  :

1) KNIME (
2) Scikit-Learn (
3) Pandas (
4) The R Project (
5) GATE (
6) Gensim (
7) WEKA (
8) BioGraph (
9) String DB (
10) Mala Cards (
11) Devon Technologies (
12) NLTK : (
13) H2O Predictive Analytics Platform (
14) TensorFlow (
15) Gephi (


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