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Analysis of Symptoms

As previously discussed, it appeared to me that Post-Finasteride Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Post-Accutane Syndrome, Gulf-War Syndrome and Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, they all have several similar and overlapping symptoms.
The Goal then was to identify similar symptoms from all of these Syndromes, collect PubMed articles mentioning these symptoms and then have a Machine Learning Algorithm generate several hypotheses as to the most probable Topics and Genes that are relevant to all of these Syndromes. 
Of course, this is easier said than done. 
Consider the symptom depression. This symptom may be present on its own or it can be the result of other symptoms such as anxiety or erectile dysfunction.
The problems do not end here. There are far too many symptoms that have strong correlation between them. Apart from this, there were a lot of Symptoms involved in this Analysis since we are looking at several Syndromes and not just one.
This is a list of Symptoms (not inclusive) that…