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Collection and Analysis of Medical Text Data

At the moment of writing, PubMed has a wealth of information (over 26 million citations) for BioMedical literature.
As discussed on the previous post, initial research has been directed towards the Post-Finasteride Syndrome. So a starting point was required.

There are several theories as to what causes Post-Finasteride Syndrome but i decided to start looking at the Theories most often being discussed in Forums : That some sort of hormonal dysregulation has taken place which has not been corrected even after the cessation of the Drug. 
Regarding Chronic Fatigue : Again many theories exist, ranging from HPA Axis dysregulation and Virus Infection to Psychiatric conditions.
So several Medical Topics had to be taken into consideration by collecting all relevant Research from PubMed. To do this i have used a Python package called BioPython. Since i had no access to the full text, only the abstracts were collected. 
The following snapshot shows the results from collecting PubMed entries reg…